18 September 2009

3D Nail Art Stickers: How to use it?

How to use 3D Nail Art Stickers?

1. Clean the surface of the nail using Pure Nails Steriliser

2. Gently peel the design from its backing sheet, being careful not to touch its adhesive back.

3. Place the design on the nail tip or extension and very gently rub to ensure full adhesion

4. Apply Pure Nails Quick Dry Topcoat to the entire nail.

5. Carefully remove any excess before the top coat dries

6. If necessary you can repeat step 5

It's therefore important to buy your nail art stickers from reputed suppliers where you can be assured of quality. The best would be to buy stickers that are made using rubber resin ink where the ink is pilled with lots of layers to avoid fading.

These stickers will also offer a better bonding to the nail as the glue is superior in quality and also the stickers can be fixed on smoothly and strongly to every curve of the nail without them peeling off.

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